30 NPCs for a Scurvy-Ridden World

Concept: Planning a game for your next Session? Short on ideas for unique NPCs? You've come to the right place! This supplement comes with 30 ready to use NPCs to ease any Harbourmasters mind and delight their Players.
Content: Exactly as the Title suggests, what you get within are 30 entirely ready to use NPCs complete with Backgrounds and Stat Blocks as suggested by the Author. Each Entry comes with full colour artwork of the Character, a short Background, a Drive, brief History and finally a Secret with which the Harbourmaster may work.

Writing: Each entry in this offering is well written and thought out, all aspects of the NPCs are simply stated and sufficient motivation is provided to inform a Harbourmasters roleplay of each without confusion. It may appear easily done but that is a testament to the writing of the Author and is worth appreciation.

Art/design: As well as the Writer, Tomas is also the Artist for 30 NPCs and the full colour, full page artwork is quite well done. Not to mention exceptionally convenient should you wish to display it to the Players without giving away any of the NPCs vital information. Layout of the Supplement is cleanly executed and well sized for easy reading.

Usability: 30 NPCs could easily be a considered a must-have for any Harbourmaster whose Players have ever deviated from an Adventure or taken a turn that was unexpected. This product is well worth its asking price.

Format: PDF 64 Pages $4.99 (also available as Softcover or Hardcover)

Product Link: 30 NPCs for a Scurvy-Ridden World