Dead Crab for Booty

Concept: Adventure on the seas of the Dark Caribbean in search of the treasure of The Dead Crab
Content: This is a single adventure locale set within the Dark Caribbean at the discretion of the GM. It provides several Hooks to bring in a new Pirate Crew. 
Writing: Written by Adrian Daine, Dead Crab for Booty is concise and to the point in most every entry, it is an excellent adventure location containing several interesting adventure areas for Players to explore and provide a remarkable amount of depth.  
Art/design: Employing a simple two column layout that most GMs will be well familiar with this Adventure is cleanly written and is accompanied by an excellent map Illustrated by Kyle Latino
Usability:  As an introductory Adventure or even as a mid level Adventure, Dead Crab for Booty provides a wealth of content for any GM.
Format: PDF Pay What You Want ($2.00)
Product Link: Dead Crab for Booty

Destination Hollow Ground - An Adventure for Pirate Borg

Concept: Destination Hollow Ground is an adventure dedicated to Pirate Borg. To be able to play the adventure without modifications, the core game Pirate Borg is needed.

Hollow Ground has so far been spared from the darkness that has descended upon the Caribbean. The outpost is isolated but strategically advantageous for shipping. Alliances have been made and people have become wealthy. Prosperity has contributed to a growing small town.

But nothing lasts forever.

The two most influential families have a long-standing conflict that is escalating. Pirate activity is increasing in the area. Which in turn has disturbed about eighty undead Vikings who have slumbered by their wrecked ship for hundreds of years. The players are thrown straight into this whirlwind of conflicts, threats, and opportunities.

Time to polish the cutlass and sharpen the dice!

Content: Destination Hollow Ground includes:

  • Description of Hollow Ground, the main location of the adventure.
  • Suggestions on how to get the players started and motivated to seek out the outpost.
  • Maps of Hollow Ground and the surrounding area, The Arugula Islands.
  • Description and information about the two most influential families.
  • The adventure itself, divided into three acts with a total of 13 scenes, which follows a chain of events that will be affected by how the players choose to act.
  • 27 non-player characters with token image, stats, appearance, personality, mannerism, drive, history, complications, secrets and what they want from the players.
  • Description and background about the Pirates and the undead Vikings.
  • 17 new weapons.
  • 5 adventure locations with 12 new monsters, maps, detailed descriptions, and random encounters.
  • Carousing in Hollow Ground.

Available in PDF, Hardcover, and Softcover.

PDF $6.95
Softcover, Premium Color Book +  PDF $15.99 
Hardcover, Premium Color Book +  PDF $27.44
Publisher: Tomas Eriksson 

Galleon of the Jackalmaster

Concept: Capt Klaus Huygens, renown explorer and natural philosopher, had been recently recalled to Amsterdam to present the findings of his 5 year expedition in the Dark Yucatán as captain of the exploration vessel Jackalmaster. A foul hurricane dashed the galleon on the shoals north of Nassau, killing the entire crew. His body was never recovered…
Content: Galleon of the Jackalmaster is a One Page Encounter designed for OSR play using Pirate Borg, a pirate themed hack of Mork Borg.  The previous Old School Essentials/BX stats are available as a png 
Publisher: Duvelman Dice


Kingdom of Poco

Concept:Somewhere on this island,
there is a chest full of GOLD.
But you need to live long enough to find it and escape.
All animals on this island tasted human flesh.

Content: Survive bloody carnage in this system-neutral module inspired by Pirate Borg. 

Created for #3po3 game jam. 

PDF $2.00 - Pay what you want
Publisher: Michał Polak

Misery's Keep

Concept: Board the Misery's Keep and prevent a sinister ritual from being completed.
Content: Two Pages in length this adventure takes place entirely on board the Misery's Keep and does require access to the Mork Borg Core Rulebook briefly (or a clever GM can adapt the needs to Pirate Borg fairly easily)
Writing: Original text by Rugose Khan with Editing provided by Walton Wood this Adventure location provides a highly evocative rapid fire adventure as Players race against time to stop a ritual that is rumored to have the ability to hasted the End of Times. 
Art/design: Single Page adventure in landscape format accompanied by a Side On view of Misery's Keep with Location Markers. 
Usability: Misery's Keep would be an excellent Add On adventure to an existing Campaign or as the culmination of an investigation.
Format: PDF Pay What you Want ($2.00)
Product Link: Misery's Keep

Pick Yer Poison: Inns and their Inhabitants

Concept: Supplemental Gallery of NPCs, Monsters & Random Tables for use with Pirate Borg 
Content: Tables for Generating: Tavern Names, Occupants, Denizens, Decorations, Menu Items & Services Available   
Publisher: Heretical Hedgehog
Format: PDF Pay What You Want: $3.21
Product Link: Pick Yer Poison: Inns and their Inhabitants

Scapegallows Pirate Borg/Pendagli da forca ITA - ENG

Concept: Scapegallows is an adventure for level 1 Pirates.
  • 1 session of about 3 hours with a scenario large enough to allow players maximum mobility and 2 structured endings 
  • 3 NPCs complete with statistics.
Writing: In Nassau, there is a bar carved out of an old beached brigantine, called the "Scapegallows". Inside, some of the worst pirates spend their free time between raids, under the benign but firm gaze of Derrick "Good Eye", a retired pirate with a wooden leg.
Everything seems to be going smoothly until the peace of the free city is disturbed by an unexpected merchant ship.
Author: Gabriele Chincoli
Art/design: rabanwulf
Publisher: Uno Critico
Format: Watermarked PDF $2.15
Product Link: Pendagli da forca/Scapegallows Pirate Borg ITA - ENG

The Crypt of Black Coral Cove

Concept: In a forgotten corner of the Caribbean, concealed from prying eyes, a crypt steeped in darkness and mystery awaits. Looking over Coral Town this ancient burial site holds secrets untold and promises riches beyond imagination with tales of opulence and wealth amassed by long-dead kings, conquerors, and nobles have spread like wildfire, enticing the hearts of cunning adventurers and opportunistic souls from distant lands.
Whispers of the crypt's existence reach the ears of those yearning for fortune, pulling them towards its hidden location. Legends speak of intricate catacombs adorned with masterful carvings, guarded by cunning traps and creatures that once served as protectors. The depths of the crypt pulsate with the remnants of past glory, treasures waiting to be claimed by those audacious enough to brave its depths.
Nestled atop a hill, behind the crumbling ruins of an ancient church, the crypt's allure is irresistible. Concealed amidst a tangle of overgrown foliage, its entrance stands as a testament to the forgotten era it represents. Eager and aspiring opportunists heed the call, driven by their insatiable thirst for riches and the thrill of unraveling the crypt's enigmatic secrets.

Content: The Crypt of Black Coral Cove is a dungeon crawl intended for the starting island of Pirate Borg Black Coral Cove, but is easily inserted any place where the dead are interred. Heavily inspired by dungeons of yesteryear and The Alexandrians “Jaquaying the Dungeon”, this dungeon comes stocked with winding looping and branching corridors, hidden traps, wandering monsters, and of course Treasure!  Can your players make it through the winding passages and claim the prizes within or will the Evil Dead claim another wretched soul?

Watermarked PDF $5.00

Publisher: Galactic Funk Creations

The Treasure of Cutlass Cay

Concept:  Embark on a thrilling voyage to Cutlass Cay, sailing aboard the Rusty Kraken! Prepare to uncover the long-lost treasure hidden amidst the mysteries of the island.

Content: Get ready to dive headfirst into the heart of the Pirate Borg system, where epic adventures await at every turn! Brace yourself for an escapade that's bound to leave you craving even more daring quests on the horizon! Arrr, matey! 

Publisher: Steven Gibbs

PDF $3.00 - Pay what you want
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