Galleon of the Jackalmaster

Concept: Capt Klaus Huygens, renown explorer and natural philosopher, had been recently recalled to Amsterdam to present the findings of his 5 year expedition in the Dark Yucatán as captain of the exploration vessel Jackalmaster. A foul hurricane dashed the galleon on the shoals north of Nassau, killing the entire crew. His body was never recovered…
Content: Galleon of the Jackalmaster is a One Page Encounter designed for OSR play using Pirate Borg, a pirate themed hack of Mork Borg.  The previous Old School Essentials/BX stats are available as a png 
Publisher: Duvelman Dice


Link: Galleon of the Jackalmaster

Bottle Ship

Concept: Mutiny! Betrayal! Your former Helmsman has betrayed your Captain, who now hangs from the gallows, stolen your Ship and worse.. your share of the booty! You awaken hungover but thirsting for revenge if only you can find a new ship! Luckily there is a need for a crew on a Ship sailing for Navassa!
 Content: Bottle Ship is a raucous Adventure on the island of Hispaniola, in the town of Tiburon and comes complete with a fully Keyed map of the town of Tiburon, as well as a fully Keyed map of the Temple located in the Mountains nearby. Also included are three new Creatures and five Random Tables for use however you might see fit.
 Writing: Perhaps one of the most uniquely tongue in cheek writings thus far, Bottle Ship's creator, Sumire, has an irreverent sense of humour that really is used to excellent effect in this instance. Every entry is tightly written and contains exactly what is needed for a Harbourmaster to put their own life in to it.

Art/design: Sumire is not only the Author of Bottle Ship but it also the Artist as well, every Illustration and Map is done entirely by them and this lends the Adventure a very nice sense of cohesion. Maps are cleanly labeled and the Isometric view of the Temple is of great help when it comes to providing room Descriptions. Entirely done in Black and White means that this Adventure is also going to be quite Printer Friendly should you need/want to Print the Maps for table use.

Usability: Tiburon, as a Town, is a solid place for a pirate crew to find themselves and there is enough substance contained in this Adventure for a solid start to a longer Campaign or to follow on with what appears to be a forthcoming sequel. If you are struggling to find a way to begin a longer series of Adventures then Bottle Ship will certainly serve to either begin or add a properly detailed Port to your repertoire.

Format: PDF $5.00

Product Link: Bottle Ship

Dead Crab for Booty

Concept: Adventure on the seas of the Dark Caribbean in search of the treasure of The Dead Crab
Content: This is a single adventure locale set within the Dark Caribbean at the discretion of the GM. It provides several Hooks to bring in a new Pirate Crew. 
Writing: Written by Adrian Daine, Dead Crab for Booty is concise and to the point in most every entry, it is an excellent adventure location containing several interesting adventure areas for Players to explore and provide a remarkable amount of depth.  
Art/design: Employing a simple two column layout that most GMs will be well familiar with this Adventure is cleanly written and is accompanied by an excellent map Illustrated by Kyle Latino
Usability:  As an introductory Adventure or even as a mid level Adventure, Dead Crab for Booty provides a wealth of content for any GM.
Format: PDF Pay What You Want ($2.00)
Product Link: Dead Crab for Booty

Destination Hollow Ground - An Adventure for Pirate Borg

Concept: Destination Hollow Ground is an adventure dedicated to Pirate Borg. To be able to play the adventure without modifications, the core game Pirate Borg is needed.

Hollow Ground has so far been spared from the darkness that has descended upon the Caribbean. The outpost is isolated but strategically advantageous for shipping. Alliances have been made and people have become wealthy. Prosperity has contributed to a growing small town.

But nothing lasts forever.

The two most influential families have a long-standing conflict that is escalating. Pirate activity is increasing in the area. Which in turn has disturbed about eighty undead Vikings who have slumbered by their wrecked ship for hundreds of years. The players are thrown straight into this whirlwind of conflicts, threats, and opportunities.

Time to polish the cutlass and sharpen the dice!

Content: Destination Hollow Ground includes:

  • Description of Hollow Ground, the main location of the adventure.
  • Suggestions on how to get the players started and motivated to seek out the outpost.
  • Maps of Hollow Ground and the surrounding area, The Arugula Islands.
  • Description and information about the two most influential families.
  • The adventure itself, divided into three acts with a total of 13 scenes, which follows a chain of events that will be affected by how the players choose to act.
  • 27 non-player characters with token image, stats, appearance, personality, mannerism, drive, history, complications, secrets and what they want from the players.
  • Description and background about the Pirates and the undead Vikings.
  • 17 new weapons.
  • 5 adventure locations with 12 new monsters, maps, detailed descriptions, and random encounters.
  • Carousing in Hollow Ground.

Available in PDF, Hardcover, and Softcover.

PDF $6.95
Softcover, Premium Color Book +  PDF $15.99 
Hardcover, Premium Color Book +  PDF $27.44
Publisher: Tomas Eriksson 

Product Link: Destination Hollow Ground

Kingdom of Poco

Concept:Somewhere on this island,
there is a chest full of GOLD.
But you need to live long enough to find it and escape.
All animals on this island tasted human flesh.

Content: Survive bloody carnage in this system-neutral module inspired by Pirate Borg. 

Created for #3po3 game jam. 

PDF $2.00 - Pay what you want
Publisher: Michał Polak Link: Kingdom of Poco  

DTPRG Link: Kingdom of Poco

Legend of Starfall Isle: Treasure Map Series #1

Concept: Standing as the inaugural offering of the Series, Legend of Starfall Isle is the opening arc for your Pirate crew to uncover the mysteries and ancient secrets of Starfall Isle and perhaps retrieve the legendary Aetherblade.

Content: This offering boasts a fully fleshed out adventure for your crew, complete with new creatures to encounter and new maps to explore and a few new Game mechanics to add flavour to your adventure! It also comes with several new Maps for your Pirates to explore in both Keyed and Un-keyed styles for those that wish to offer Player Handouts or use them on a VTT.

Taken from Drive Thru RPG:

Embark on a quest that transcends time itself with "Legend of Starfall Isle," the inaugural installment in our Treasure Map Series. In the cryptic echoes of history, Starfall Isle emerges, a realm cloaked in the enigmatic aura of forgotten epochs. Here, within the cosmic tapestry, the legendary Aetherblade awaits – a sword forged in the crucible of a celestial cataclysm, shattering the very heavens.

Key Features:

  • Mystical Quest: Uncover the secrets of Starfall Isle, guided by weathered maps and a journal that chronicles the discovery of the island's hidden wonders. Explore the Astral Nexus, a dungeon on windswept plateau where the Aetherblade, a weapon of untold might, found its sanctuary.

  • Diverse Maps: Navigate the high seas  and decipher the clues of a nautical map, follow a meticulously detailed treasure map leading to the Astral Nexus, engage in a thrilling boss battle on a comprehensive battle map of the island in Crater Lake, and descend into the depths of the Astral Nexus with a detailed dungeon map.

  • Unique Enemies and Bosses: Confront otherworldly adversaries and formidable bosses that guard the secrets of Starfall Isle. From astral revenants to eldritch treants, each encounter promises a unique challenge that will test the mettle of even the most seasoned adventurers.

  • Hex Crawling and Dungeon Crawling Rules: Experience the excitement of exploration with rules for hex crawling, navigating the unpredictable astral currents, and dungeon crawling, delving into the mysteries of the Astral Nexus with every step.

  • The Aetherblade: Discover the legendary Aetherblade, a cosmic weapon with the power to reshape destinies. Wield its might and face the consequences of tampering with forces that transcend mortal understanding.

  • Bountiful Treasure: Seek the riches that await those brave enough to unravel the island's mysteries. From hidden caches to cosmic artifacts, the treasures of Starfall Isle are as varied as they are valuable.

Whether you're a seasoned game master or a group of adventurers setting sail for the first time, "Legend of Starfall Isle" promises a tabletop experience that blends high fantasy, cosmic horror, and nautical pirate adventure. Will you uncover the secrets of the Astral Nexus, or will the mysteries of Starfall Isle remain shrouded in the mists of time? The legend is yours to unfold.

Writing: LoSI is easily formatted for reading with properly delineated Sections to guide you as the Harbourmaster. It is also presented with specific entries to assist the HM in conveying Scenes and Settings while also offering the HM ideas on how to interact with the group should they need it. Included is a Bestiary of new Creatures for your Pirates to Encounter as well!  Additionally there are new Rules for a Harbourmaster to explore with a Section relating to Madness (a topic that is relevant to this Adventure in particular) as well as a potential new game mechanic for training or levelling up and more information about Dungeon and Hex Crawls are also provided. 
Art/design: Artistically the Adventure is well provided for, all of the Maps offered are of excellent quality and potential Player Handouts should not be difficult or taxing to most any home printer. LoSI has a beautiful cover piece that is quite eye catching. Perhaps the only mis-step in the Product is the formatting of the Beastiary section as it is occasionally not conducive to easy reading with Page Breaks interrupting the flow here and there.

Usability: Definitely a solid adventure for a Pirate Crew to embark upon that will provide you with a significant number of Game Sessions to fully explore. Should the forthcoming portions of this Series be of the same quality then this would make a fine Epic Quest for a Pirate Crew to set sail for.

Format: Watermarked PDF $3.99
Product Link: Legend of Starfall Isle: Treasure Map Series #1

Mermaids Island & The Secrets of The Forgotten Arcanum

Concept: Dive into a world of adventure and mystery with 'Mermaids Island & The Secrets of The Forgotten Arcanum.' This role-playing game supplement offers a wealth of content that will breathe life into your tabletop campaigns.


  • Mermaids Island: Explore the hex-crawl of Mermaids Island, a place where secrets and untold mysteries await. This book provides you with rules and tools to run a compelling hex-crawl campaign. Discover different regions, each with its unique flavor and challenges. Uncover points of interest that will pique your players' curiosity, and let their imaginations run wild with adventure seeds that promise new quests and stories waiting to be told.

  • Coral Haven: The heart of civilization on Mermaids Island, Coral Haven is a bustling coastal village teeming with colorful characters. A list of notable NPCs awaits you, each with their own unique stories and secrets. Engage with these characters to unravel the island's mysteries or forge alliances for your quests.

  • Wandering Monsters: Mermaids Island is a dynamic and ever-changing place. Keep your players on their toes with d10 easy and hard wandering monster charts for each region. From the verdant jungles to the scorching deserts, you'll find a plethora of creatures and challenges to confront.

  • The Forgotten Arcanum: At the core of this supplement lies the enigmatic Forgotten Arcanum, a labyrinthine mansion once belonging to the legendary wizard Zephyrus Mortemar. Uncover the primary quest of Mermaids Island as you explore its winding and branching corridors, solve intricate puzzles, navigate deadly traps, and face off against its guardians. Will you be the one to solve the centuries-old mystery shrouding this arcane masterpiece? As you journey deeper into this forsaken mansion, you'll discover untold rewards and unimaginable challenges, making 'The Forgotten Arcanum' a true test of wit and courage.

Writing: This sizable supplement comes with Rules on how to run the Dungeoncrawl aspects as well as an overworld Hexcrawl alongside a comprehensive list of NPCs, Wandering Monster Charts to populate your adventure with over 100 varietal Monsters and provides further plot and adventure hooks to use once the main content of the game is completed. Adventure seeds are also implemented for the inevitable instances where your Players decide to deviate from the storyline as well as a host of new Relics for you to seed throughout their gameplay. There is also a custom "Boss Mosnter" called The Vereskarian for them to discover and challenge.  

Art/design: Art and Layout are done by Galatic Funk Creations

Usability:  This sizable Supplement to Pirate Borg (80 Pages) can easily serve as the beginning of a Campaign or be dropped in to an existing campaign as a substantial adventure site. With both the Dungeon and Hex Crawling aspects of the game presented with useful rules it can keep any Pirate Crew busy for an extended length of time.

Format: Watermarked PDF $10.00

Product Link: Mermaids Island & The Secrets of The Forgotten Arcanum

Misery's Keep

Concept: Board the Misery's Keep and prevent a sinister ritual from being completed.
Content: Two Pages in length this adventure takes place entirely on board the Misery's Keep and does require access to the Mork Borg Core Rulebook briefly (or a clever GM can adapt the needs to Pirate Borg fairly easily)
Writing: Original text by Rugose Khan with Editing provided by Walton Wood this Adventure location provides a highly evocative rapid fire adventure as Players race against time to stop a ritual that is rumored to have the ability to hasted the End of Times. 
Art/design: Single Page adventure in landscape format accompanied by a Side On view of Misery's Keep with Location Markers. 
Usability: Misery's Keep would be an excellent Add On adventure to an existing Campaign or as the culmination of an investigation.
Format: PDF Pay What you Want ($2.00)
Product Link: Misery's Keep

Pick Yer Poison: Inns and their Inhabitants

Concept: Supplemental Gallery of NPCs, Monsters & Random Tables for use with Pirate Borg 
Content: Tables for Generating: Tavern Names, Occupants, Denizens, Decorations, Menu Items & Services Available   
Publisher: Heretical Hedgehog
Format: PDF Pay What You Want: $3.21
Product Link: Pick Yer Poison: Inns and their Inhabitants

Ponce de Leon & The Fountain of Youth

Concept: Maps have been found that contain mention of the legendary Fountain of Youth, will you find it? or be added to the legend of its mystery?
Content: Coming in at a robust 42 pages, this adventure contains everything you will need to bring your Players on a quest to locate the Fountain of Youth. Contains 9 Maps, 8+ new NPCs, 20+ new Creatures to challenge your pyrates and the details you will need to bring it to life. 
Writing: As is expected from Galactic Funk Creations, this Adventure is laid out in an easy to read format for any Harbourmaster, the story is presented in a manner that allows for ease of use and eschews the use of excessive text in an effort to get to the 'meat' of the gameplay. Storywise it is an engaging adventure for any group of pyrates and will provide many Sessions of play for an invested group. This is the Second offering in the Series of Treasure Map releases with Legend of Starfall Isle being the first in the Series.
Art/design: Galactic Funk Creations has a unique style that borrows the harsh yellows of Mork Borg. If there was any criticism to offer it would be with regards to Page Layout. In an effort to provide a clean and tidy look that is easy to read there have been concessions to Pages overlapping when it comes to Charts such as the Easy & Hard Monster Tables that are included. There are some clear influences of other rulesets that have been woven in to the adventure but they are hardly obtrusive. 
Usability: This adventure is an investment for your Group that is certain. There is more than enough content here to keep a Group busy for several Sessions of gameplay and makes an excellent moving on point for a crew that has a few levels under their belts. It would be very easy to 'seed' the Player handout maps in to an existing Campaign as a current Adventure is concluding in order to seamlessly bring Ponce de Leon & The Fountain of Youth in to the forefront. All in all a worthy Supplement for any Pirate Borg table. 
Format: Watermarked PDF $4.99
Product Link: Ponce de Leon & The Fountain of Youth: Treasure Map Series #2

San Martín de la Astilla

Concept: A pamphlet with a full playable location and adventure for Pirate Borg. You can use it to spice things up on your island and/or main adventure or as a quick one-shot for your crew of outcast pirates in the Dark Caribbean!

San Martín de la Astilla, an old Spanish misión, still clings to existence, its bare stone bones claim to the sky.

Gossip and tales in every wrenched tavern of nearby ports whispers of an old relic brought here by the Spaniards. A detachment of monks and a few conquistadores arrived here long ago, never to be seen again.

Now, your ash-deprived minds and bodies are here, in front of the ancient building traversed by a gargantuan tree of no name.

You can also play it using Mork Borg (although the creatures appear in the Pirate Borg rulebook), because... Maybe some islands lurk in The Endless Sea full of strange places and treasures like this one.

PDFs: $1.99 USD or more

In order to download this adventure you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:
San Martín de la Astilla.pdf 1 MB
San Martín de la Astilla(bw).pdf 1 MB
Exclusive content

Cost & Finances

If any of us should be paid for creating this game this is, roughly, the amount. If we had written this for others we'd ask for around 120 USD. Editing, map creation, and final touches might be another 100 USD... So that makes a 220 USD cost to make this game. If we sell it at its price we would need to sell 110 copies to cover the basics of it. So be a good pirate and share with your fellows!!!!

We think it's important to talk about how much it takes to create something. We want you to know it!

Support this adventure at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive.

Writing: Carlos G. Gurpegui, Álex Garcigregor
Art/design:  “Convent” is an image by Grant Fleming (Harkenstone)  
Publisher: Gurpegui

Product Link:

Scapegallows Pirate Borg/Pendagli da forca ITA - ENG

Concept: Scapegallows is an adventure for level 1 Pirates.
  • 1 session of about 3 hours with a scenario large enough to allow players maximum mobility and 2 structured endings 
  • 3 NPCs complete with statistics.
Writing: In Nassau, there is a bar carved out of an old beached brigantine, called the "Scapegallows". Inside, some of the worst pirates spend their free time between raids, under the benign but firm gaze of Derrick "Good Eye", a retired pirate with a wooden leg.
Everything seems to be going smoothly until the peace of the free city is disturbed by an unexpected merchant ship.
Author: Gabriele Chincoli
Art/design: rabanwulf
Publisher: Uno Critico
Format: Watermarked PDF $2.15
Product Link: Pendagli da forca/Scapegallows Pirate Borg ITA - ENG


Concept: Your crew is marooned on a sun-drenched shore amidst the wreckage of their Ship, how will you survive?!
 Content: An A3 size Page containing the Adventure with a supplemental A4 size Page containing a Map of the Island and the Caves it contains
 Writing: Shipwrecked! has almost an old school Choose your Own Adventure sort of feel to it, with multiple starting options and an open ended process to allow the Players to make their way on this uncharted Island. References to the Core Book are well marked as are the HM Tips that are seeded throughout the Adventure.
Art/design: Shipwrecked! is laid out in a 'Found Book' format and the Art definitely backs up that aesthetic several interesting pieces are present in the Adventure and thankfully are also available in a second PDF File for ease of use or possibly to hand out to the Players at some point. Definitely a nice touch.
 Usability: Shipwrecked! would be an excellent segue Adventure for an established group in order to move them to a new Adventuring locale of the GMs choosing and it would make a good Intro Level Adventure for a group who is more interested in Exploration. It certainly qualifies as a Sandbox arrangement and the Map allows for many other things to be added as needed should a HM need/want to.
Format: PDF $4.95
Product Link: Shipwrecked!

Silent Cove

Concept:  Silent Cove is a Pirate Borg adventure location, featuring an island covered in history and mystery, complete with a small dungeon hidden beneath its surface. Frequented by pirates trying to prevent their dead comrades from rising as an undead in the Dark Caribbean, the island met an unfortunate fate when a greedy pirate burned a priest living here alive, cursing the island and potentially the entire surrounding sea...
Content: This Ten Page Adventure is quite literally packed, featuring a Hex Crawl island with 5 Keyed Locations, a Ten Room Dungeon, Twenty Relics of various uses, Four NPCs, Four new Monsters, Eight Random Roll Tables to enhance your game and Two standalone VTT Ready Maps
Writing: Silent Cove is very well written and it shows in every line of text. Every entry is precise, every Description is exactly enough to evoke the necessary details without consuming space which has all been saved for its abundant content.
Art/design: Cohesive is hardly an effusive enough word for the layout, Art style and design in this product. As clean and attractive as Silent Cove is, I would also love to see this product receive a colour release at some point just to see where that might take the product even further.
Usability: Silent Cove is intended to be inserted in to an existing Pirate Borg Game as a Location, but it would easily be a great starting off point for a Crew as well. As it is jam packed with interesting Tables to make the entire area come alive the replay value for this product is extensive. There are amply Hooks and potential Campaign starts included within. This product is well worth your time to add to your Pirate Borg collection.

Format: PDF 10 Page DriveThru or $4.00

Product Link: DTRPG: Silent Cove Silent Cove

The Amulet of Delgado

Concept: A grand treasure lies in wait on the other side of a portal but the Amulet of Delgado, the key to the opening the portal, has been sundered and its pieces lie scattered across the Caribbean. Many now seek to reunite the missing pieces and once again gain access to the treasures which lie beyond the portal. You are the crew of The Rusty Kraken and Captain Steelgrind has a proposal for you to aid him in recovering the lost pieces of the Amulet. But there are others who also seek this prize and time is of the essence..

Content: The Amulet of Delgado is the successor to the Authors previous work, The Treasure of Cutlass Cay, though it need not be played as such. Within its 26 pages a Harbourmaster will find everything they need to make this epic quest come to life for their Pirate crews. Six fully detailed NPCs all with VTT ready Tokens, four detailed Adventure locations which may be played in any order the Harbourmaster wishes as well as the penultimate location where the adventure concludes. Also included are visual aids for your Players, a 'blank' Amulet with all the various pieces available separately so that your Players can assemble their Amulet as they play.  

 Writing: The Amulet of Delgado is written in the spirit of Pirate Borg most assuredly. You are given the outline of a grand adventure and the tools to help you bring it to life for your Players without it bogging you down in unnecessary details. Harbourmasters are encouraged to adjust things to fit their group and link the various locations together in whichever way they see fit and the writing enables that by not overloading you with detail. Make no mistake, there is nothing missing from this Adventure other than the ingenuity of you and your Players.

Art/design: Artistically the Author maintains an aesthetic style throughout the Adventure which is refreshing and evocative of The Dark Caribbean, Character art is all entertaining and thematic to say the least. Maps are all well laid out, clearly keyed and referenced and each Location is kept to a 'spread' style ala Pirate Borg itself.

Usability: The Amulet of Delgado is not set to any one Location within The Dark Caribbean, or any specific world, and as such you can begin this Adventure anywhere you might wish to without hesitation. It is certainly suitable for use in a Crew of Levels three to six if you have already gone through The Treasure of Cutlass Cay.

Format: PDF DriveThru RPG $8.99

Product Link: The Amulet of Delgado DriveThru
Product Link: The Amulet of Delgado Lulu
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