Scapegallows Pirate Borg/Pendagli da forca ITA - ENG

Concept: Scapegallows is an adventure for level 1 Pirates.
  • 1 session of about 3 hours with a scenario large enough to allow players maximum mobility and 2 structured endings¬†
  • 3 NPCs complete with statistics.
Writing: In Nassau, there is a bar carved out of an old beached brigantine, called the "Scapegallows". Inside, some of the worst pirates spend their free time between raids, under the benign but firm gaze of Derrick "Good Eye", a retired pirate with a wooden leg.
Everything seems to be going smoothly until the peace of the free city is disturbed by an unexpected merchant ship.
Author: Gabriele Chincoli
Art/design: rabanwulf
Publisher: Uno Critico
Format: Watermarked PDF $2.15
Product Link: Pendagli da forca/Scapegallows Pirate Borg ITA - ENG
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