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100 Pirate Captains and Their Goals

Concept: 100 Pirate Captains and Their Goals
Content: I can see it clear as day, you players are sailing towards a destination and you describe a ship in the distance for flavor and to make the world feel more lived in and inevitably someone decides thats where they want to go, the quest they told you they wanted (and what you prepped) be damned!

For that scenario here are 100 Pirate Captains with their own unique goals and stats.

PDF $1.00 - Pay what you want
Publisher: Galactic Funk Creations

Link:  100 Pirate Captains and Their Goals

d100 Things In Shipwrecks

Concept: d100 Things In Shipwrecks

Content:  This d100 random table is filled with things that players may discover in shipwrecks, making it a perfect addition to your Pirate Borg game or any other game set in a similar pirate-themed setting.

PDF $1.00 - Pay what you want
Publisher: Tomas Eriksson

Link: d100 Things in a Shipwreck

d100 Things On A Deserted Island

Concept: d100 Things On A Deserted Island
Content:  This d100 random table is filled with things that players may come across while exploring a deserted island, making it a perfect addition to your Pirate Borg game or any other game set in a similar pirate-themed setting. 

PDF $1.00 - Pay what you want
Publisher: Tomas Eriksson

Link: d100 Things on a Deserted Island

100 Cursed Relics

Concept: 100 Cursed Relics
Content: Delving deep into ancient ruins and underground lairs is a past time filled with dangers. From hidden smuggler operations and their traps, to monsters thirsting for human flesh. But sometimes Scvm need to worry about more than that, sometimes they raid the wrong ancient temple and take home items that draw you in with power while slowly corrupting the user till there's nothing left. For when that happens here are 100 cursed relics to give out.

PDF $1.00
Publisher: Galactic Funk Creations

Link: 100 Cursed Relics

100 NPCs #2

Concept: 100 NPCs #2
Content: Let me guess, your players are at an Inn and want to talk to someone that's not a part of their current goal. Sure you could improve something on the fly but why not let this second list of 100 NPCs and their goals take some of the work of running the game off your shoulders?

PDF $1.00 - Pay what you want 
Publisher: Galactic Funk Creations

Link: 100 NPCs & Their Goals #2

100 NPCs and their goals #3

Concept: 100 NPCs and their goals #3
Content: The world may be ending, but that doesn’t mean everyone has given up on their own goals. Knowing the world is ending just brings out rampant selfishness and greed, much like we have seen in our own world. This one could argue is what brings out true GrimDark Swords & Sorcery. Those out to achieve their own goals, with no regard for how they achieve them. There are no heroes here, and those who strive to save the day are usually the ones getting the shit end of the stick. So here are 100 NPCs and their goals despite the Apocalypse.

PDF $1.00
Publisher: Galactic Funk Creations

Link: 100 NPCs & Their Goals #3

Bottle Ship

Concept: Mutiny! Betrayal! Your former Helmsman has betrayed your Captain, who now hangs from the gallows, stolen your Ship and worse.. your share of the booty! You awaken hungover but thirsting for revenge if only you can find a new ship! Luckily there is a need for a crew on a Ship sailing for Navassa!
 Content: Bottle Ship is a raucous Adventure on the island of Hispaniola, in the town of Tiburon and comes complete with a fully Keyed map of the town of Tiburon, as well as a fully Keyed map of the Temple located in the Mountains nearby. Also included are three new Creatures and five Random Tables for use however you might see fit.
 Writing: Perhaps one of the most uniquely tongue in cheek writings thus far, Bottle Ship's creator, Sumire, has an irreverent sense of humour that really is used to excellent effect in this instance. Every entry is tightly written and contains exactly what is needed for a Harbourmaster to put their own life in to it.

Art/design: Sumire is not only the Author of Bottle Ship but it also the Artist as well, every Illustration and Map is done entirely by them and this lends the Adventure a very nice sense of cohesion. Maps are cleanly labeled and the Isometric view of the Temple is of great help when it comes to providing room Descriptions. Entirely done in Black and White means that this Adventure is also going to be quite Printer Friendly should you need/want to Print the Maps for table use.

Usability: Tiburon, as a Town, is a solid place for a pirate crew to find themselves and there is enough substance contained in this Adventure for a solid start to a longer Campaign or to follow on with what appears to be a forthcoming sequel. If you are struggling to find a way to begin a longer series of Adventures then Bottle Ship will certainly serve to either begin or add a properly detailed Port to your repertoire.

Format: PDF $5.00

Product Link: Bottle Ship

Caught: A Compendium of Punishments Pyratical

Concept: Punishments for any pirate caught by Other Pirates, the Crown Powers or The Inquisition
Content: Collected Random Tables to Generate suitable punishments for captured Pirates.
Publisher: Heretical Hedgehog
Format: PDF Pay What You Want $1.07
Product Link: Caught: A Compendium of Punishments Pyratical

d100 Encounters At Sea

Concept: d100 Encounters At Sea
Content:  This d100 random table is filled with exciting encounters that players may encounter during their voyages, making it a perfect addition to your Pirate Borg game or any other game set in a similar pirate-themed setting. Some encounters may pose a threat to the players, while others could lead to unexpected rewards or hilarious hijinks.

PDF $1.00 - Pay what you want
Publisher: Tomas Eriksson 

Hoist the Flag

Concept: Randomly create a Ships Name and Flag, also includes Tables to generate Traits for Captains and Second in Command across a variety of Factions 
Content: Varietal Tables to generate a Ships name & Flag followed by Captain and Second in Command traits. Also includes a Gallery of Jolly Roger Examples as well as other navel ensigns to peruse.
Writing: Intended as a Generative Supplement for Pirate Borg this entry comes in with 11 Pages of Content in an easy to read format.   
Usability: If you struggle with coming up with names at random for Pirates and interesting Flag art then this supplement will do you a service. 
Format: PDF Pay What you Want ($3.15)
Product Link: Hoist the Flag

Mermaids Island & The Secrets of The Forgotten Arcanum

Concept: Dive into a world of adventure and mystery with 'Mermaids Island & The Secrets of The Forgotten Arcanum.' This role-playing game supplement offers a wealth of content that will breathe life into your tabletop campaigns.


  • Mermaids Island: Explore the hex-crawl of Mermaids Island, a place where secrets and untold mysteries await. This book provides you with rules and tools to run a compelling hex-crawl campaign. Discover different regions, each with its unique flavor and challenges. Uncover points of interest that will pique your players' curiosity, and let their imaginations run wild with adventure seeds that promise new quests and stories waiting to be told.

  • Coral Haven: The heart of civilization on Mermaids Island, Coral Haven is a bustling coastal village teeming with colorful characters. A list of notable NPCs awaits you, each with their own unique stories and secrets. Engage with these characters to unravel the island's mysteries or forge alliances for your quests.

  • Wandering Monsters: Mermaids Island is a dynamic and ever-changing place. Keep your players on their toes with d10 easy and hard wandering monster charts for each region. From the verdant jungles to the scorching deserts, you'll find a plethora of creatures and challenges to confront.

  • The Forgotten Arcanum: At the core of this supplement lies the enigmatic Forgotten Arcanum, a labyrinthine mansion once belonging to the legendary wizard Zephyrus Mortemar. Uncover the primary quest of Mermaids Island as you explore its winding and branching corridors, solve intricate puzzles, navigate deadly traps, and face off against its guardians. Will you be the one to solve the centuries-old mystery shrouding this arcane masterpiece? As you journey deeper into this forsaken mansion, you'll discover untold rewards and unimaginable challenges, making 'The Forgotten Arcanum' a true test of wit and courage.

Writing: This sizable supplement comes with Rules on how to run the Dungeoncrawl aspects as well as an overworld Hexcrawl alongside a comprehensive list of NPCs, Wandering Monster Charts to populate your adventure with over 100 varietal Monsters and provides further plot and adventure hooks to use once the main content of the game is completed. Adventure seeds are also implemented for the inevitable instances where your Players decide to deviate from the storyline as well as a host of new Relics for you to seed throughout their gameplay. There is also a custom "Boss Mosnter" called The Vereskarian for them to discover and challenge.  

Art/design: Art and Layout are done by Galatic Funk Creations

Usability:  This sizable Supplement to Pirate Borg (80 Pages) can easily serve as the beginning of a Campaign or be dropped in to an existing campaign as a substantial adventure site. With both the Dungeon and Hex Crawling aspects of the game presented with useful rules it can keep any Pirate Crew busy for an extended length of time.

Format: Watermarked PDF $10.00

Product Link: Mermaids Island & The Secrets of The Forgotten Arcanum

Pick Yer Poison: Inns and their Inhabitants

Concept: Supplemental Gallery of NPCs, Monsters & Random Tables for use with Pirate Borg 
Content: Tables for Generating: Tavern Names, Occupants, Denizens, Decorations, Menu Items & Services Available   
Publisher: Heretical Hedgehog
Format: PDF Pay What You Want: $3.21
Product Link: Pick Yer Poison: Inns and their Inhabitants

Returning to Port

Concept: Your Crew has met with success and you are returning to Port to sell off your ill gotten gains, but that never goes smoothly does it? What happens on your way back to Port?

Content:  Returning to Port contains an expanding Rollable table to help you add some variety to the voyage home. 

Writing: Well written and to the point without belaboring any subject overmuch, offers enough of a Prompt to a Harbourmaster to help inspire their creativity.

Art/design: Cover art is nicely done and clean. Interior could stand to be Formatted a little more cleanly for the table itself however it is functional. 

Usability: Returning to Port is a great tool for any Harbourmaster to use in an effort to add some random fun to any journey to Port. All to often the 'Trip back to Town' that happens in any RPG is just that. Crew returns to Town to sell their Loot. While it doesn't have to be perilous EVERY time, there is always a chance that some other interested party may try to steal what you have 'rightfully' stolen, or perhaps they merely want to sink you for other reasons. Having an Expandable table ( more loot on board means more Random entries and a larger Die roll ) that adds further risk depending on the 'Value' of your Loot is a nice touch and adds more risk to the equation. Definitely of value to any Harbourmaster wishing to spice up the often tedious aspects of Adventuring.

Format: Watermarked PDF PWYW Suggested Price: $1.00

Product Link: Returning to Port

Silent Cove

Concept:  Silent Cove is a Pirate Borg adventure location, featuring an island covered in history and mystery, complete with a small dungeon hidden beneath its surface. Frequented by pirates trying to prevent their dead comrades from rising as an undead in the Dark Caribbean, the island met an unfortunate fate when a greedy pirate burned a priest living here alive, cursing the island and potentially the entire surrounding sea...
Content: This Ten Page Adventure is quite literally packed, featuring a Hex Crawl island with 5 Keyed Locations, a Ten Room Dungeon, Twenty Relics of various uses, Four NPCs, Four new Monsters, Eight Random Roll Tables to enhance your game and Two standalone VTT Ready Maps
Writing: Silent Cove is very well written and it shows in every line of text. Every entry is precise, every Description is exactly enough to evoke the necessary details without consuming space which has all been saved for its abundant content.
Art/design: Cohesive is hardly an effusive enough word for the layout, Art style and design in this product. As clean and attractive as Silent Cove is, I would also love to see this product receive a colour release at some point just to see where that might take the product even further.
Usability: Silent Cove is intended to be inserted in to an existing Pirate Borg Game as a Location, but it would easily be a great starting off point for a Crew as well. As it is jam packed with interesting Tables to make the entire area come alive the replay value for this product is extensive. There are amply Hooks and potential Campaign starts included within. This product is well worth your time to add to your Pirate Borg collection.

Format: PDF 10 Page DriveThru or $4.00

Product Link: DTRPG: Silent Cove Silent Cove

The Parrot Speaks

Concept: Compendium of Random Tables for a Pirates best friend: the talking bird. 
Content: Tables for a variety of Parrots and other talking birds along with possible phrases and names for them.
Publisher: Heretical Hedgehog
Format: PDF Pay What You Want $1.00
Product Link: The Parrot Speaks
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