Bottle Ship

Concept: Mutiny! Betrayal! Your former Helmsman has betrayed your Captain, who now hangs from the gallows, stolen your Ship and worse.. your share of the booty! You awaken hungover but thirsting for revenge if only you can find a new ship! Luckily there is a need for a crew on a Ship sailing for Navassa!
 Content: Bottle Ship is a raucous Adventure on the island of Hispaniola, in the town of Tiburon and comes complete with a fully Keyed map of the town of Tiburon, as well as a fully Keyed map of the Temple located in the Mountains nearby. Also included are three new Creatures and five Random Tables for use however you might see fit.
 Writing: Perhaps one of the most uniquely tongue in cheek writings thus far, Bottle Ship's creator, Sumire, has an irreverent sense of humour that really is used to excellent effect in this instance. Every entry is tightly written and contains exactly what is needed for a Harbourmaster to put their own life in to it.

Art/design: Sumire is not only the Author of Bottle Ship but it also the Artist as well, every Illustration and Map is done entirely by them and this lends the Adventure a very nice sense of cohesion. Maps are cleanly labeled and the Isometric view of the Temple is of great help when it comes to providing room Descriptions. Entirely done in Black and White means that this Adventure is also going to be quite Printer Friendly should you need/want to Print the Maps for table use.

Usability: Tiburon, as a Town, is a solid place for a pirate crew to find themselves and there is enough substance contained in this Adventure for a solid start to a longer Campaign or to follow on with what appears to be a forthcoming sequel. If you are struggling to find a way to begin a longer series of Adventures then Bottle Ship will certainly serve to either begin or add a properly detailed Port to your repertoire.

Format: PDF $5.00

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