Dead Crab for Booty

Concept: Adventure on the seas of the Dark Caribbean in search of the treasure of The Dead Crab
Content: This is a single adventure locale set within the Dark Caribbean at the discretion of the GM. It provides several Hooks to bring in a new Pirate Crew. 
Writing: Written by Adrian Daine, Dead Crab for Booty is concise and to the point in most every entry, it is an excellent adventure location containing several interesting adventure areas for Players to explore and provide a remarkable amount of depth.  
Art/design: Employing a simple two column layout that most GMs will be well familiar with this Adventure is cleanly written and is accompanied by an excellent map Illustrated by Kyle Latino
Usability:  As an introductory Adventure or even as a mid level Adventure, Dead Crab for Booty provides a wealth of content for any GM.
Format: PDF Pay What You Want ($2.00)
Product Link: Dead Crab for Booty