Legend of Starfall Isle: Treasure Map Series #1

Concept: Standing as the inaugural offering of the Series, Legend of Starfall Isle is the opening arc for your Pirate crew to uncover the mysteries and ancient secrets of Starfall Isle and perhaps retrieve the legendary Aetherblade.

Content: This offering boasts a fully fleshed out adventure for your crew, complete with new creatures to encounter and new maps to explore and a few new Game mechanics to add flavour to your adventure! It also comes with several new Maps for your Pirates to explore in both Keyed and Un-keyed styles for those that wish to offer Player Handouts or use them on a VTT.

Taken from Drive Thru RPG:

Embark on a quest that transcends time itself with "Legend of Starfall Isle," the inaugural installment in our Treasure Map Series. In the cryptic echoes of history, Starfall Isle emerges, a realm cloaked in the enigmatic aura of forgotten epochs. Here, within the cosmic tapestry, the legendary Aetherblade awaits – a sword forged in the crucible of a celestial cataclysm, shattering the very heavens.

Key Features:

  • Mystical Quest: Uncover the secrets of Starfall Isle, guided by weathered maps and a journal that chronicles the discovery of the island's hidden wonders. Explore the Astral Nexus, a dungeon on windswept plateau where the Aetherblade, a weapon of untold might, found its sanctuary.

  • Diverse Maps: Navigate the high seas  and decipher the clues of a nautical map, follow a meticulously detailed treasure map leading to the Astral Nexus, engage in a thrilling boss battle on a comprehensive battle map of the island in Crater Lake, and descend into the depths of the Astral Nexus with a detailed dungeon map.

  • Unique Enemies and Bosses: Confront otherworldly adversaries and formidable bosses that guard the secrets of Starfall Isle. From astral revenants to eldritch treants, each encounter promises a unique challenge that will test the mettle of even the most seasoned adventurers.

  • Hex Crawling and Dungeon Crawling Rules: Experience the excitement of exploration with rules for hex crawling, navigating the unpredictable astral currents, and dungeon crawling, delving into the mysteries of the Astral Nexus with every step.

  • The Aetherblade: Discover the legendary Aetherblade, a cosmic weapon with the power to reshape destinies. Wield its might and face the consequences of tampering with forces that transcend mortal understanding.

  • Bountiful Treasure: Seek the riches that await those brave enough to unravel the island's mysteries. From hidden caches to cosmic artifacts, the treasures of Starfall Isle are as varied as they are valuable.

Whether you're a seasoned game master or a group of adventurers setting sail for the first time, "Legend of Starfall Isle" promises a tabletop experience that blends high fantasy, cosmic horror, and nautical pirate adventure. Will you uncover the secrets of the Astral Nexus, or will the mysteries of Starfall Isle remain shrouded in the mists of time? The legend is yours to unfold.

Writing: LoSI is easily formatted for reading with properly delineated Sections to guide you as the Harbourmaster. It is also presented with specific entries to assist the HM in conveying Scenes and Settings while also offering the HM ideas on how to interact with the group should they need it. Included is a Bestiary of new Creatures for your Pirates to Encounter as well!  Additionally there are new Rules for a Harbourmaster to explore with a Section relating to Madness (a topic that is relevant to this Adventure in particular) as well as a potential new game mechanic for training or levelling up and more information about Dungeon and Hex Crawls are also provided. 
Art/design: Artistically the Adventure is well provided for, all of the Maps offered are of excellent quality and potential Player Handouts should not be difficult or taxing to most any home printer. LoSI has a beautiful cover piece that is quite eye catching. Perhaps the only mis-step in the Product is the formatting of the Beastiary section as it is occasionally not conducive to easy reading with Page Breaks interrupting the flow here and there.

Usability: Definitely a solid adventure for a Pirate Crew to embark upon that will provide you with a significant number of Game Sessions to fully explore. Should the forthcoming portions of this Series be of the same quality then this would make a fine Epic Quest for a Pirate Crew to set sail for.

Format: Watermarked PDF $3.99
Product Link: Legend of Starfall Isle: Treasure Map Series #1