Mermaids Island & The Secrets of The Forgotten Arcanum

Concept: Dive into a world of adventure and mystery with 'Mermaids Island & The Secrets of The Forgotten Arcanum.' This role-playing game supplement offers a wealth of content that will breathe life into your tabletop campaigns.


  • Mermaids Island: Explore the hex-crawl of Mermaids Island, a place where secrets and untold mysteries await. This book provides you with rules and tools to run a compelling hex-crawl campaign. Discover different regions, each with its unique flavor and challenges. Uncover points of interest that will pique your players' curiosity, and let their imaginations run wild with adventure seeds that promise new quests and stories waiting to be told.

  • Coral Haven: The heart of civilization on Mermaids Island, Coral Haven is a bustling coastal village teeming with colorful characters. A list of notable NPCs awaits you, each with their own unique stories and secrets. Engage with these characters to unravel the island's mysteries or forge alliances for your quests.

  • Wandering Monsters: Mermaids Island is a dynamic and ever-changing place. Keep your players on their toes with d10 easy and hard wandering monster charts for each region. From the verdant jungles to the scorching deserts, you'll find a plethora of creatures and challenges to confront.

  • The Forgotten Arcanum: At the core of this supplement lies the enigmatic Forgotten Arcanum, a labyrinthine mansion once belonging to the legendary wizard Zephyrus Mortemar. Uncover the primary quest of Mermaids Island as you explore its winding and branching corridors, solve intricate puzzles, navigate deadly traps, and face off against its guardians. Will you be the one to solve the centuries-old mystery shrouding this arcane masterpiece? As you journey deeper into this forsaken mansion, you'll discover untold rewards and unimaginable challenges, making 'The Forgotten Arcanum' a true test of wit and courage.

Writing: This sizable supplement comes with Rules on how to run the Dungeoncrawl aspects as well as an overworld Hexcrawl alongside a comprehensive list of NPCs, Wandering Monster Charts to populate your adventure with over 100 varietal Monsters and provides further plot and adventure hooks to use once the main content of the game is completed. Adventure seeds are also implemented for the inevitable instances where your Players decide to deviate from the storyline as well as a host of new Relics for you to seed throughout their gameplay. There is also a custom "Boss Mosnter" called The Vereskarian for them to discover and challenge.  

Art/design: Art and Layout are done by Galatic Funk Creations

Usability:  This sizable Supplement to Pirate Borg (80 Pages) can easily serve as the beginning of a Campaign or be dropped in to an existing campaign as a substantial adventure site. With both the Dungeon and Hex Crawling aspects of the game presented with useful rules it can keep any Pirate Crew busy for an extended length of time.

Format: Watermarked PDF $10.00

Product Link: Mermaids Island & The Secrets of The Forgotten Arcanum