Misery's Keep

Concept: Board the Misery's Keep and prevent a sinister ritual from being completed.
Content: Two Pages in length this adventure takes place entirely on board the Misery's Keep and does require access to the Mork Borg Core Rulebook briefly (or a clever GM can adapt the needs to Pirate Borg fairly easily)
Writing: Original text by Rugose Khan with Editing provided by Walton Wood this Adventure location provides a highly evocative rapid fire adventure as Players race against time to stop a ritual that is rumored to have the ability to hasted the End of Times. 
Art/design: Single Page adventure in landscape format accompanied by a Side On view of Misery's Keep with Location Markers. 
Usability: Misery's Keep would be an excellent Add On adventure to an existing Campaign or as the culmination of an investigation.
Format: PDF Pay What you Want ($2.00)
Product Link: Misery's Keep