Returning to Port

Concept: Your Crew has met with success and you are returning to Port to sell off your ill gotten gains, but that never goes smoothly does it? What happens on your way back to Port?

Content:  Returning to Port contains an expanding Rollable table to help you add some variety to the voyage home. 

Writing: Well written and to the point without belaboring any subject overmuch, offers enough of a Prompt to a Harbourmaster to help inspire their creativity.

Art/design: Cover art is nicely done and clean. Interior could stand to be Formatted a little more cleanly for the table itself however it is functional. 

Usability: Returning to Port is a great tool for any Harbourmaster to use in an effort to add some random fun to any journey to Port. All to often the 'Trip back to Town' that happens in any RPG is just that. Crew returns to Town to sell their Loot. While it doesn't have to be perilous EVERY time, there is always a chance that some other interested party may try to steal what you have 'rightfully' stolen, or perhaps they merely want to sink you for other reasons. Having an Expandable table ( more loot on board means more Random entries and a larger Die roll ) that adds further risk depending on the 'Value' of your Loot is a nice touch and adds more risk to the equation. Definitely of value to any Harbourmaster wishing to spice up the often tedious aspects of Adventuring.

Format: Watermarked PDF PWYW Suggested Price: $1.00

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