San Martín de la Astilla

Concept: A pamphlet with a full playable location and adventure for Pirate Borg. You can use it to spice things up on your island and/or main adventure or as a quick one-shot for your crew of outcast pirates in the Dark Caribbean!

San Martín de la Astilla, an old Spanish misión, still clings to existence, its bare stone bones claim to the sky.

Gossip and tales in every wrenched tavern of nearby ports whispers of an old relic brought here by the Spaniards. A detachment of monks and a few conquistadores arrived here long ago, never to be seen again.

Now, your ash-deprived minds and bodies are here, in front of the ancient building traversed by a gargantuan tree of no name.

You can also play it using Mork Borg (although the creatures appear in the Pirate Borg rulebook), because... Maybe some islands lurk in The Endless Sea full of strange places and treasures like this one.

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Cost & Finances

If any of us should be paid for creating this game this is, roughly, the amount. If we had written this for others we'd ask for around 120 USD. Editing, map creation, and final touches might be another 100 USD... So that makes a 220 USD cost to make this game. If we sell it at its price we would need to sell 110 copies to cover the basics of it. So be a good pirate and share with your fellows!!!!

We think it's important to talk about how much it takes to create something. We want you to know it!

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Writing: Carlos G. Gurpegui, Álex Garcigregor
Art/design:  “Convent” is an image by Grant Fleming (Harkenstone)  
Publisher: Gurpegui

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