Concept: Your crew is marooned on a sun-drenched shore amidst the wreckage of their Ship, how will you survive?!
 Content: An A3 size Page containing the Adventure with a supplemental A4 size Page containing a Map of the Island and the Caves it contains
 Writing: Shipwrecked! has almost an old school Choose your Own Adventure sort of feel to it, with multiple starting options and an open ended process to allow the Players to make their way on this uncharted Island. References to the Core Book are well marked as are the HM Tips that are seeded throughout the Adventure.
Art/design: Shipwrecked! is laid out in a 'Found Book' format and the Art definitely backs up that aesthetic several interesting pieces are present in the Adventure and thankfully are also available in a second PDF File for ease of use or possibly to hand out to the Players at some point. Definitely a nice touch.
 Usability: Shipwrecked! would be an excellent segue Adventure for an established group in order to move them to a new Adventuring locale of the GMs choosing and it would make a good Intro Level Adventure for a group who is more interested in Exploration. It certainly qualifies as a Sandbox arrangement and the Map allows for many other things to be added as needed should a HM need/want to.
Format: PDF $4.95
Product Link: Shipwrecked!