Silent Cove

Concept:  Silent Cove is a Pirate Borg adventure location, featuring an island covered in history and mystery, complete with a small dungeon hidden beneath its surface. Frequented by pirates trying to prevent their dead comrades from rising as an undead in the Dark Caribbean, the island met an unfortunate fate when a greedy pirate burned a priest living here alive, cursing the island and potentially the entire surrounding sea...
Content: This Ten Page Adventure is quite literally packed, featuring a Hex Crawl island with 5 Keyed Locations, a Ten Room Dungeon, Twenty Relics of various uses, Four NPCs, Four new Monsters, Eight Random Roll Tables to enhance your game and Two standalone VTT Ready Maps
Writing: Silent Cove is very well written and it shows in every line of text. Every entry is precise, every Description is exactly enough to evoke the necessary details without consuming space which has all been saved for its abundant content.
Art/design: Cohesive is hardly an effusive enough word for the layout, Art style and design in this product. As clean and attractive as Silent Cove is, I would also love to see this product receive a colour release at some point just to see where that might take the product even further.
Usability: Silent Cove is intended to be inserted in to an existing Pirate Borg Game as a Location, but it would easily be a great starting off point for a Crew as well. As it is jam packed with interesting Tables to make the entire area come alive the replay value for this product is extensive. There are amply Hooks and potential Campaign starts included within. This product is well worth your time to add to your Pirate Borg collection.

Format: PDF 10 Page DriveThru or $4.00

Product Link: DTRPG: Silent Cove Silent Cove