The Amulet of Delgado

Concept: A grand treasure lies in wait on the other side of a portal but the Amulet of Delgado, the key to the opening the portal, has been sundered and its pieces lie scattered across the Caribbean. Many now seek to reunite the missing pieces and once again gain access to the treasures which lie beyond the portal. You are the crew of The Rusty Kraken and Captain Steelgrind has a proposal for you to aid him in recovering the lost pieces of the Amulet. But there are others who also seek this prize and time is of the essence..

Content: The Amulet of Delgado is the successor to the Authors previous work, The Treasure of Cutlass Cay, though it need not be played as such. Within its 26 pages a Harbourmaster will find everything they need to make this epic quest come to life for their Pirate crews. Six fully detailed NPCs all with VTT ready Tokens, four detailed Adventure locations which may be played in any order the Harbourmaster wishes as well as the penultimate location where the adventure concludes. Also included are visual aids for your Players, a 'blank' Amulet with all the various pieces available separately so that your Players can assemble their Amulet as they play.  

 Writing: The Amulet of Delgado is written in the spirit of Pirate Borg most assuredly. You are given the outline of a grand adventure and the tools to help you bring it to life for your Players without it bogging you down in unnecessary details. Harbourmasters are encouraged to adjust things to fit their group and link the various locations together in whichever way they see fit and the writing enables that by not overloading you with detail. Make no mistake, there is nothing missing from this Adventure other than the ingenuity of you and your Players.

Art/design: Artistically the Author maintains an aesthetic style throughout the Adventure which is refreshing and evocative of The Dark Caribbean, Character art is all entertaining and thematic to say the least. Maps are all well laid out, clearly keyed and referenced and each Location is kept to a 'spread' style ala Pirate Borg itself.

Usability: The Amulet of Delgado is not set to any one Location within The Dark Caribbean, or any specific world, and as such you can begin this Adventure anywhere you might wish to without hesitation. It is certainly suitable for use in a Crew of Levels three to six if you have already gone through The Treasure of Cutlass Cay.

Format: PDF DriveThru RPG $8.99

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