The Cataclysm Coast is Burning

Concept: The Legion Of The Blackened Sun have taken Hellskull island. They have sealed the sun under Mt Apocalypse and razed the ancient cities. Their pirate fleets raid alliance ships by the screaming cliffs, their snake cult armies have occupied elvish ruins from before time began, and the Apolutrosis Horde threaten to drown the world in ichor and salt water.
 Content: The Cataclysm Coast is Burning is a 20 Page Adventure Locale, fully Illustrated and providing a new region for your Pirate Borg enjoyment.
 Writing: TCCB boasts an excellent and highly evocative new Region for your Crew to explore and is fully compatible with the Borg Ruleset. Written by  Nem, If you want to deliver an intense setting filled with wild imagery then this Supplement is definitely something you can make use of in the Dark Caribbean.
Art/design: Boasting colour and art design reminiscent of the Original Mork Borg but now with a decidedly Piratical twist every piece of artwork in this product will inspire both Harbourmaster and Player alike. 
 Usability: The Cataclysm Coast is Burning fits very well in the latter stages of the Pirate Borg timeline as the end draws ever nearer and your Pirate Crews are beset by the horrors of the Dark Caribbean on all sides.
Format: PDF 20 Pages ($7.99)
Publisher: Sandy Pug Games
Product Link: The Cataclysm Coast is Burning