The Wedding Ship

Concept: This adventure takes your crew on a journey of ambition and plunder, you've caught wind of a Wedding Ship, packed with young folk and destined for Jamestowne in an effort to bolster the failing Colony there, the ship is packed with new Settlers and the wealth that they carry to make a new life for themselves... or the life that a clever Pirate can guide them to.. for a Fee of course. You need a Captain and a Ship to set your plan in motion!

Content: Clocking in at 38 Pages in length this Adventure contains 5 Pre-Generated Characters and an extensive array of Adventure locales with a wealth of advice for the Harbourmaster to aid in their representation of the subject matter.

Writing: The Wedding Ship is quite well written and is very definitely intended for a Mature group of Players as some of the subject matter touches on more adult themes. It is quite reminiscent of old school adventures with sets of "Read this aloud to the Players" and contains several Choose your Path points which may make for a decent amount of replay value.

Art/design: Interior Artwork covers a wide array of Styles and Sources and is certainly in the same spirit as other 'Borg' works. If there was any one comment to be made about the Design it would bet that some of the Font choices can be a struggle to read easily on the first pass. That aside, it was a joy to flip through this Adventure as every other aspect of it is quite cleanly done.
 Usability: Despite the presence of several Choose your Path points this Adventure does ask that the Players 'Buy In' to the Events being described which is a refreshing thing to see as The Wedding Ship is a tale worth following to its conclusion. It very cleverly skirts the idea of being On Rails by presenting a clear Path to the Players through extensive exposition. If you have a Group that is keen to invest in an Adventure that eschews the Sandbox then The Wedding Ship is for you.

Format: PDF DriveThru RPG 38 Pages $9.99

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