What's in that Chest?

Concept: Exactly as the Title suggests this Supplement allows a Harbourmaster to generate unique Chest contents on the fly while prepping a Pirate Borg session! 
Content: Four Rollable Tables to randomly provide the Harbourmaster with the contents of a Chest.. and a new Monster!
Writing: This supplement, while short, is perfect for its intended use and is quite clear in its intent.
Art/design: What's in that Chest is very well laid out, it is an easy reference to use quickly. It is formatted very well and cleanly.
Usability: This is of value to anyone who might be struggling with how to 'seed' their Adventure with interesting Items as well as any Harbourmaster who wishes to change things up for consecutive uses of the same Adventure. It could even be considered as a stepping off point for other Harbourmasters to generate their own Rollable Tables. References to the Pirate Borg Core Rulebook are clearly visible and accurate as of this writing.
Format: PWYW ($1.00 Suggested)
Product Link: What's in that Chest?